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Дайвинг-сафари, яхта Gaaviya

Построена: 2001 г.
Материал: дерево
Скорость: 12 узлов
Длина: 32 м
Ширина: 9,8 м
Размещение: 22 человека
Найтрокс: по запросу

Build with four decks, Gaaviya consists of nine luxurious rooms, Restaurant, and sundecks, all made up from beautiful, furnished wood.

The first deck of Gaaviya consists of the nine luxurious rooms, all fully furnished with wood, fully Air Conditioned.
Each room consists of a single bed and one queen sized bed, wardrobes, hairdressers, complete with attached bathrooms from the simplest needs, like a gripping tale of a famous author from our bookshelf, to the on board cyber cafe would keep you entertained.

CREW:  8 (Dive Master, Chef, Room boy, Waiter, Captain, Engineer and two others). Speak English and speak some of the languages of countries from where most tourists come from.
Diving :
Has the option to choose a 15 litre or a 12 litre tank
All equipments provided
Safety precautions as number one priority
A highly qualified and experienced Dive instructor will follow you throughout your under water adventures
Dive spots which are selected are the ones which are most favorite among the tourists
2 day dives; Night dives will be set up on request but will be charged extra
Boat will be anchored near the dive sports and the dive dhoni will carry the divers with equipments to the spots
In a critical situation first aid will be available onboard, if further help is needed a doctor from a nearby resort will be consulted immediately.
Location: Second Deck
Description: Large enough to accomodate 25 guests at the same time
Preparations for order; Preparation of local dishes and continental cuisines; Food is prepared onboard by experienced chefs; Drinks of alcohol, juices including cold drinks will be served 
Fishing: Equipments provided, Guided by crew, After fishing trips the fish caught will be taken to a nearby uninhabited island for barbeque

Sun Bathing: On the top most deck
Photography: Film processing and thermal transfer of photographs on T-shirts and other objects

Entertainment: Internet cafe, Book shelf in the Main Lounge, Live music shows, where local bands will perform, Karaoke system, in the main lounge

Communication: IDD Telephone service, Internet Browsing

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