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Дайвинг-туры на Мадагаскаре: маршрут – South of Nosy Be


Nosy Be — Baie de Mourambe

Day 1. Nosy Be / Kisimany
Embarkation from 9-12 at Hellville, Nosy Be. After the captain's welcome briefing, the Maya's Dugong cruises to the nearby Bay of Kisimany to explore the inlets of this area by paddling, using traditional Malagasy pirogues or modern kayaks. Diving and snorkelling are also possible off this area's beautiful fringing reefs. After a welcome BBQ onboard, the vessel departs overnight for the archipelago known as Iles Radames.

Day 2. Iles Radames
The archipelago of Iles Radames features a handful of beautiful isles that we will explore on this expedition, many of which are important nesting sites for sea turtles. First we visit the deserted white-sand beaches of the untouched and uninhabited island of Kalakajoro. There are opportunities to dive near the reef to the north and snorkel along the coast of the island. After dinner, the Maya's Dugong cruises southward, past the Bay of Narendry, toward the Baie de Mourambe (Moramba Bay).

Day 3 & 4. Baie de Mourambe
Prepare to step backwards in time, as the vessel arrives in the remote Baie de Mourambe, a seldom-visited area of unspoilt nature and incredibly unique beauty. Massive Baobab trees line the coasts here, creating an incredibly surreal and primeval atmosphere. This area is home to a range of endemic species including various species of lemurs, which can commonly be seen in the wild along the coast, as well as the critically endangered Madagascar fish eagle. Dive or snorkel along the reefs, paddle into the many creeks and mangroves and visit tiny traditional settlements along the coast, where life seems to stand still. After two magical days spent in this bay, we ready for our departure northward before first light of the next day.

Day 5. Nosy Lava & Nosy Saba
As we sail to the north in the morning, we keep an eye open for humpback whales and dolphins, allocating time for a closer view of any encounters. We next pass the former prison island of Nosy Lava, and toward the small resort isle of Nosy Saba, for an afternoon visit of the beaches or some diving and snorkelling along the reefs. The vessel sails further north in the evening, reaching the southern isles of the Radames archipelago for overnight anchorage.

Day 6. Iles Radames
A full day to explore more of the Radames archipelago, with the Dugong visiting both Nosy Valiha and Antanimora, with their charming local villages, beautiful beaches and seabird colonies, as well as reefs teeming with underwater life, ideal for snorkelling or diving.

Day 7. Baramahamay
The Maya’s Dugong continues north, anchoring for the day off the mouth of Baramahamay, otherwise known as the «honey river» on account of the fresh honey produced by the villagers along the river. Embark on a Malagasy adventure by paddling in pirogues or kayaks down the river and its various creeks, enjoying the exotic scenery and the charm of the locals, as well as to explore the dense mangroves and appreciate the ecology of the area. In the evening, enjoy a final sunset onboard as the vessel sets out for Nosy Be.

Day 8. Nosy Be
After a final breakfast onboard, disembarkation at Hellville, Nosy Be at 9 a.m.

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