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Дайв-сафари на Мадагаскаре: маршрут – North of Nosy Be


Nosy Be — Nosy Hara

Day 1. Nosy Be / Tanikely
Embarkation from 9-12 am at Hellville, Nosy Be. After the captain's welcome briefing, the Maya’s Dugong makes the quick hop from Nosy Be to the Tanikely marine reserve, an ideal place to unwind during the first day onboard. Disembark for a visit of the island's abandoned lighthouse and spectacular white beaches in the afternoon, and a first glimpse at Madagascar’s most famous furry creature — friendly brown lemurs inhabit the island. You can also take advantage of the beautiful diving and snorkelling opportunities here. Before first light the next day, the vessel sails north toward the group of islands known as Iles Mitsio.

Day 2. Grande Mitsio
After breakfast, we keep an eye out for whales and dolphins as the Maya’s Dugong completes its journey to Grande Mitsio and its surrounding isles. There are seemingly limitless options for snorkelling and diving in this archipelago, which are famed for its remarkable basalt rock formations. From the bay of Grande Mitsio one can also visit the white-sand beaches of the majestic islet of Nosy Ankarea and its natural forest which has long been safeguarded for fear of local fadys (taboos), for a hike up to its spectacular viewpoint across the neighbouring islands of the archipelago.

Day 3. Cap Saint Sebastien
The Maya’s Dugong heads further north toward Cap Saint Sebastien, surveying the seascape along the way for whalewatching opportunities during the morning. The islands off this peninsula, which include Nosy Valiha and Nosy Mandazona, offer great diving and snorkelling opportunities to discover an array of marine life, from sea turtles and rays to colourful tropical fish. Above the water, take in the sights of the various sea birds which call these islands home, as the vessel anchors overnight in one of the sheltered bays of Cap Saint Sebastien.

Day 4. Nosy Hara
Before first light the vessel cruises past Cap Saint Sebastien and across Befotaka Bay, offering morning opportunities for whale and dolphin watching, before reaching one of the most beautiful locations in all Madagascar: Nosy Hara and its surrounding islands, which recently were granted protected status on account of the unique ecosystems here. Visit the main island of Nosy Hara to enjoy the beaches, discover the red tsingy formations and to visit the local fishing community. Excellent diving and snorkelling opportunities also await at reefs around islets such as Nosy Lakandava and Nosy Anjombavola. These islands play host to nesting sea turtles, a variety of sea birds and endemic reptiles and plant life, new species of which are still being discovered.

Day 5. Nosy Vaha & Nosy Fasy
The Maya’s Dugong cruises a short distance to the north of Nosy Hara, near the drop-off of the continental shelf and the idyllic islands of Nosy Vaha and Nosy Fasy. These tiny islets, with steep-sided cliffs and fringed by turquoise seas and coral reefs, combine to form a dramatic backdrop for the exploration of these islands. After dinner, we begin our journey back towards the south, bidding farewell to these isolated isles off Madagascar's northernmost tip.

Day 6. Iles Mitsio
A return to the Mitsio archipelago for another day in these unique islands, with an opportunity to visit the island of Nosy Lava, as well as near the tiny islets of the Four Brothers, a series of basalt islands which serve as nesting sites for frigatebirds and other seabirds. Consistent with the rest of this archipelago, the snorkelling and diving in these areas are some of the best to be found in all of Northern Madagascar. Enjoy the tropical sunset as the vessel drops anchor for a final night amidst the scenic isles of Mitsio.

Day 7. Nosy Komba
The vessel departs from the Mitsio archipelago in the morning, a perfect opportunity for whale and dolphin watching and a closer inspection of any sightings during the cruise southward. In the afternoon, guests may visit the volcanic island of Nosy Komba, a nature reserve for black lemurs, considered sacred by Malagasies. Various other flora and fauna can be seen here, including colourful chameleons and turtles, and the craft village is not to be missed for that treasured Madagascar keepsake to bring home. Back onboard the Maya’s Dugong, enjoy a farewell BBQ dinner, before cruising into Hellville for overnight anchorage.

Day 8. Nosy Be
After a final breakfast onboard, disembarkation at Hellville, Nosy Be at 9 a.m.

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