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Дайвинг-тур в Антарктике, программа - «Южная Георгия и Море Уэдделла»


The Weddell Sea offers huge glaciers that pour down between the mountains from the polar plateau, and plates of ice the size of city blocks cover the ocean’s surface. We attempt to visit fossil-rich islands, wildlife havens, remnants of historic explorers’ huts, and even land on the Antarctic continent itself.

On South Georgia's windswept islands we see some of the world’s greatest wildlife sanctuaries. Famed for its abandoned whaling stations and Shackleton’s epic journey across the island's centre, South Georgia is home to millions of fur seals and penguins, wallows of elephant seals, herds of reindeer and nesting albatross.

Day 1

Step aboard in the late afternoon to a cordial welcome, introductory briefing and an evening departure along the Beagle Channel. Settle into your homely cabin, explore the ship and enjoy a drink with your shipmates.

Day 2

Tune into the Southern Ocean as we cross Drake Passage. Our naturalists and historian inform us about Antarctica and the weeks ahead. Safety and environmental briefings prepare us for landings, while the outer decks and flying bridge offer the best vantage points for photography and wildlife viewing.

Day 3

The temperature plummets as we cross the biological boundary of the Antarctic Convergence. Cormorants, penguins and seals mark our approach to the South Shetland Islands, where we may well land.

Days 4-6

Sail through Antarctic Sound with its spectacular iceberg parade, and into the Weddell Sea. Along the way we may set foot on the Antarctic continent, watch for whales and seals in a sea of abundance, and visit magnificent penguins rookeries at the Antarctic Peninsula’s northern end. In the Weddell Sea we begin to trace Shackleton’s path.

Day 7

Approaching the steep slopes of Elephant Island, home to 22 of Shackleton’s men for four months, we hope for a clear view of the spot where the men wintered beneath upturned boats. With luck we go ashore to pay tribute to these hardy souls.

Day 8

Following in Shackleton’s wake, we sail across the Scotia Sea, detouring to the remote, mountainous South Orkney Islands. Zodiac cruise through a maze of icebergs, landing at a beach decorated with autumnal-hued lichen-encrusted boulders.

Day 9

Time to reflect on all we’ve seen and learned, to prepare for the next phase of our journey as we continue across the Scotia Sea.

Day 10

We enter King Haakon Bay on South Georgia’s southern coast and may make a ceremonial landing at Cave Cove, Shackleton’s first landfall after his epic open boat voyage. We farewell our alpine crossing party here as they begin their own adventurous journey through the crevassed terrain of the island’s interior.

Days 11-14

While the alpine party crosses the mountains and passes of South Georgia, the shipboard party explores the bays and promontories, revelling in the island’s extraordinary diversity of wildlife. We are spoiled for choice of landings: the world’s largest penguin rookeries, wandering albatross on nests, beaches of elephant and fur seals, and Grytviken’s whaling museum vie for our attention. You may choose to hike from Fortuna to Stromness, whose whaling station marked the ending of Shackleton’s arduous island crossing.

Days 15-17

Back to the Scotia Sea for a relaxing interlude. We continue our Antarctic education and wildlife watching en route to the Falkland Islands.

Day 18

Sea Lion Island offers a welcome opportunity to stretch our legs. Amongst a treasure trove of birdlife, Falkland Island steamer ducks and Magellanic penguins enliven walks through the tussock. There are clifftops to explore,  birds and southern sea lions to watch. 

Day 19

Prions, petrels and albatross accompany us on the last leg of our voyage as we swap photos and stories and reflect on shared adventures.

Day 20

In the wee hours we sail up the Beagle Channel to dock in Ushuaia. A hearty breakfast and fond farewell prepare us for leave-taking and the next leg of our respective journeys.

Please note that all of our itineraries are at the mercy of weather conditions and not all landings are guaranteed. Our itineraries are flexible and will change voyage to voyage, allowing the best chance to make the most of surprising wildlife displays and unexpected opportunities.

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